Nutritionist's Corner & Recipes

Monica Samantha

In 2020, registered dietitian Monica Davis joined Loaves & Fishes’ staff, helping sort and assemble produce bags, select the best foods for our guests, and provide recipes and tips on best ways to store, prepare, and eat the selection of food we give out at the pantry. Monica writes Nutrition to Go monthly newsletters that are included in each visitor’s bags of food. Monica and Samantha Van Dyke together now organize nutrition education activities to ensure that our visitors are getting the most out of our food. Look for Monica or Samantha in the parking lot Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays - they welcome your questions!


Local Health Resources

Sentara Starr Hill Health Center

This center provides services free of charge to qualifying children and their families working to address childhood obesity.

OptimaHealth Eating for Life Toolkit

This program offers a variety of resources to help keep you informed on how to stay healthy.

Local Food Hub's Fresh Farmacy

A partnership between Local Food Hub and area health clinics "prescribes" patients a biweekly supply of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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